3rd SEM- Human Resource Management – Spring 2016


PROGRAM MasterofBusinessAdministration- MBA
BK ID B1765
CREDIT&MARKS 4 Credits,60marks



Note–Answerallquestions.Kindlynotethatanswersfor10marksquestionsshouldbeapproximatelyof 400 words. Eachquestion is followed byevaluation scheme.



Q.No Questions Marks TotalMarks
1 What do youmean by ManpowerPlanning?Describe thevarious stages&obstaclesinvolved inManpower Planning.
  Definition of ManpowerPlanning 1 10
Explain the variousstages involved in ManpowerPlanning 6
Explain the obstacles in Manpower Planning 3
2 Define Resourcing Strategy.Explain the components of ResourcingStrategy.
  Definition of ResourcingStrategy 2 10
Explanation of all the components of Resourcing Strategy 8
3 Explain theSelectionprocess undertaken by an organization.
  Listingout thesteps in selectionprocess 2 10
Explanation ofthe steps in the selectionprocess 8
4 DefineCareer Planning Process .Describe thevarious factorsinvolved inCareerPlanning Process
  Definition of Career PlanningProcess 2 10
Explanation ofthe variousfactorsinvolved in careerplanning 8
5 As an HR, you are askedto focus on the TalentDevelopmentProcess in yourorganization .How wouldyoudefineTalent Development?Explainthe necessity ofTalentDevelopment froman HR perspective.Explain themodelfor achievingexcellence inTalent Development
  Definition of TalentDevelopment 2 10
Explain the necessityofTalentDevelopment 5
Factorsresponsible for achievingTalent Development 3
6 What are the key HR elements practiced byHR managers in decisionmaking?Explain any fiveof them
  List the keyHR elements 3 10
Explanation ofanyfivekeyHR elements in decision making 7



Program MBA
Semester 3
Subject code&name MU0011 –Managementand OrganizationalDevelopment
BookID B1726
Credit &Marks 4 CREDIT, 60 MARKS





Q. No   Marks TotalMarks
1 Defineorganizational development.Discuss theimportance ofOrganizationalDevelopment (OD) toManagers?

Highlight some reasonswhypeopleresisttochange?

  Definition of OD&discuss theimportance of ODtoManagers 5
Somereasonwhyindividualresistto change 5
2 WhatisODIntervention?Discuss itscharacteristics?   10
  Definition of ODIntervention 2
Explainthecharacteristics of ODintervention 8
3 What are thereasonsforsettingup goalsintheOrganization?Listitsadvantages anddisadvantages.   10
  The reasonsfor setting upgoalsintheOrganization 3
Advantages anddisadvantages/ barrierspfgoal settingintheOrganization 7
4 What doyoumean by LearningOrganization?ListouttheattributesofLearningOrganization.

Writea short noteonimpact of technologyinOrganization?

  Definition and attributes ofLearningOrganization 6
Impactof technologyinOrganization 4
5 Definetheterm downsizing.List thetypes of downsizing.Explainthesignificance,misconceptions and effects of downsizing.   10
  Definition of downsizing 2  
Listingthetypes of downsizing 2
Significance of downsizing 2
Misconceptions 2
Effects of downsizing 2
6 DefineLearningOrganizational?List thecharacteristics of learningorganization?Explainsevensteps ofinitiating‘organizational learning’?   10
  Definition and characteristics of learningorganization 5
Description of thesevensteps ofinitiating‘organizational learning’. 5


*Note–Answerallquestions.Kindlynotethatanswersfor10marksquestionsshouldbeapproximatelyof 400 words. Eachquestion is followed byevaluation scheme.





Program MBA
Semester 3
Subject code&name MU0012 – EmployeeRelationsManagement
BookID B1734
Credit &Marks 4 CREDIT, 60 MARKS




Q. No   Marks TotalMarks
1 What do you understandbyERM? List out the importance of ERM?List the differentlevelsofstrategy inan Organization?   10

Definition and Importance ofERM



Different levels of strategyin anOrganization 5
2 Explain the types of organizationalconflict?

Brieflyexplain The Trait Theoryand Managerial Grid Model.

  Types of Organizational Conflict 4
Explaintwoleadershiptheoryi.e. The Trait Theoryand Managerial GridModel 6
3 Whatarethedifferenttypesoforganizationdiscipline?WritedownthestepsfollowedinCommondisciplinaryprocedures?   10
  Different types of organizationdiscipline 5
Commondisciplinaryprocedures 5
4 Illustratethepointsthatisconsideredbythemanagementwhilehandlinggrievances?

What do you understand by collectivebargaining?Whatarethethreelevelsinwhichcollectivebargainingoperates?

  Precautionswhilehandlinggrievances 4
Definition ofcollectivebargaining 2
Different levelsincollectivebargainingoperates 4
5 What are the advantages and disadvantages of having TradeUnions? Describe trade unionsinIndia.   10
  Advantages anddisadvantages ofTradeUnions 6
TradeUnionsinIndia 4
6 Write a briefnote on thefollowing :

(i)                 WorkŵeŶ’sCoŵpeŶsatioŶAct,ϭ9Ϯϯ

(ii)               TypesofRewardSystems


Types of RewardSystems




*Note–Answerallquestions.Kindlynotethatanswersfor10marksquestionsshouldbeapproximatelyof 400 words. Eachquestion is followed byevaluation scheme






Drive SPRING2016
Semester 3
Subject code&name MU0013:HR Audit
BookID B1735
Credit &Marks 4 CREDIT, 60 MARKS


*Note–Answerallquestions.Kindlynotethatanswersfor10marksquestionsshouldbeapproximatelyof 400 words. Eachquestion is followed byevaluation scheme.





Question Marks TotalMarks
1 Statethe key objectivesof human resourceplanning? ExplainImportance and Process of human resource planning?   10
  Objectives of HRP 4
Importance ofHRP 2
Process of HRP 4
2 Discuss themethods used intheHRAudit process.   10
  Explain the methodsused in theHR Audit process 10
3 WhatisHRScorecard?ExplainthereasonsforimplementingHRScorecard framework.   10
  Meaning ofHR Scorecard 2
Reasons for implementingHR Scorecardframework. 8
4 What ismeantby ‘Competency mapping’?Explain the various

competencies and the associatedbehavioralaspects.

  Meaning ofcompetencymapping 3
Explanation anysevencompetencies alongwith the behavioral 7
5 Find outthe details andadvantages of BalancedScorecardSoftware. NamefewBalancedScorecardSoftware.   10
  detailsandadvantages ofBalancedScorecard Software. 8
Examples of balancedscorecardsoftware 2
6 Write short notes on thefollowing:

(i)   Audit for HR Planning

(ii)   Audit for HR Climate

  (i) Concept of AuditforHR Planning 5
(ii)Concept of AuditforHRClimate 5