Question.6. Write short notes on: a) Break –even pricing b) Mark-up pricing C)Cost-plus pricing is used primarily

Question.6. Write short notes on:


  1. a) Break –even pricing

Answer:Break even pricing is the practice of setting a price point at which a business will earn zero profits on a sale. The intention is to use low prices as a tool to gain market share and drive competitors from the marketplace. By doing so, a company may be able to increase its production volumes to such an extent that it can reduce costs

  1. b) Mark-up pricing

Answer:Several varieties of markup pricing – also known as cost-plus pricing – exist, but the common thread is that one first calculates the cost of the product, then adds a proportion of it as markup. The amount to be marked up is decided at the discretion of the company. Basically, this approach sets prices that cover the cost of production and provide enough profit margin to the firm to earn its target rate of return.

Cost-plus pricing is used primarily

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