Question. 3. Describe following dimensions of quality with appropriate examples. Quality of design

Answer:Quality of design is the quality which the producer or supplier is intending to offer to the customer. When the producer is making the quality of design of the product, he should take into consideration the customer’s requirements in order to satisfy them with fitness for use of the product.If the quality of design does not reflect the

Conformance to design

Answer:Quality of conformance is the level of the quality of product actually produced and delivered through the production or service process of the organization as per the specifications or design. When the quality of a product entirely conforms to the specification (design), the quality of conformance is deemed excellent.

Specifications are targets and tolerances

Utilisation conditions

Answer:If market demand grows, capacity utilization will rise. If demand weakens, capacity utilization will slacken. Economists and bankers often watch capacity utilization indicators for signs of inflation pressures.

It is often believed that when utilization rises above somewhere between 82% and 85%, price inflation will increase.

After sales service

Answer:A sale is the first step to increasing your sales, not the last. Providing good after-sales service shows your customers you want to build a long-term relationship with them, earn their loyalty and keep their business.



Many successful businesses use after-sales

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