Question. 1. Write Short notes on Material control and material handling

Answer: Material control is the main component of the process of material management.

Material control refers to the management function concerned with acquisition, storage, handling and use of materials so as to minimise wastage and losses, derive maximum economy and establish responsibility for various operations through physical checks, record keeping, accounting and other devices. ”

Labour Productivity

Answer: Labour productivity is concerned with the amount (volume) of output that is obtained from each employee.


Why does measuring and monitoring labour productivity matter?


Labour costs are usually a significant part


Personnel Productivity

Answer: Increasing collaboration. Networking anywhere, anytime.


Nobody stays at their desk, their office or even in town anymore. Workers today are mobile and business is conducted collaboratively. Whether they are in the same room or working remotely, colleagues need to


Strategic decision making

Answer: One of the essential parts of creating and running a small business is creating a mission or vision for the business and a set of goals the company aims to achieve. Strategic decision making, or

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